Visual and Performing Arts

The Visual & Performing Arts program at Erie Day School encompasses a full scope of artistic endeavors.  Students learn the elements of sound, pitch, dynamics and tone color of music theory; learn to read and write musical symbols; work with hands-on activities; playing, singing, moving and composing, and performing in small groups; participate in a field trips to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and the Erie Philharmonic while studying music from the various periods of time (Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary style) along with their respective composers. Visual arts students learn and use the elements and principles of visual arts to create artworks in two and three dimensional form. They will be able to recognize characteristics of art periods from different historical and cultural perspectives; experimenting with traditional and contemporary media to express artistic ideas in a choice based art studio environment. Students will demonstrate how to use the tools, materials, and techniques of various 2D and 3D media to make intentional choices in their original art.

Annual Visual & Performing Arts Programs

  • Friday Morning Meetings – school and birthday song, national anthem
  • Grandparents’ Day – Preschool through Grade 8 perform (Oct.)
  • Holiday Program – Preschool through Grade 8 perform (Dec.)
  • Visual & Performing Arts Walk & Music Festival – Preschool through Grade 8 perform (May)
  • Erie Day School Playhouse production (annually) - photos below are from the 2017 production of Mulan, Jr.