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Bags of Gratitude Being Built!

Posted Nov 16, 2018

As the holiday season quickly approaches Erie Day School students and faculty have discussed several of the traditions that make the school so special.  Two of the most beloved are the Bags of Gratitude and the Thanksgiving Feast which are shared by every member of the school community.   

To those who are blessed, Thanksgiving is a time when gratitude can be shown by giving to those who have less.  Students will be building Bags of Gratitude which will then be given in an act of thanksgiving to those who frequent the Emmaus Soup Kitchen.  Over 225 bags will be filled with student donated nutritious snacks, toiletry items, and hand-written notes.  They will be packaged, wrapped and delivered on Monday, November 19th to the Emmaus Soup Kitchen.  Students and faculty will then come together in our gymnasium to enjoy the traditional EDS Thanksgiving Feast luncheon, sing traditional Erie Day School songs, and celebrate the holiday.  We are very excited for the EDS community to show thanks by giving.