Community Service

Erie Day School at work in the community:

Asbury Woods Nature Center – Tapping our maple trees this spring offered Erie residents a ‘taste’ of Erie Day School. Asbury Woods Nature Center accepted a number of gallons of our home-grown sap collected throughout the weeks of spring.

The students of Benjamin Wiley Charter School enjoyed a visit to Erie Day School. The community of learners built gingerbread houses and read holiday stories together.

Erie Day School was host to the Children's Advocacy Center's annual event: Cupcakes for Kids.

The Erie County Historical Society is host to our annual Spring Fling with our Middle School. Student donations are made in honor of ongoing restorative efforts.

Middle School students promoted the Four Diamonds Fund with a faculty-student basketball game in honor of the research dedicated by this outstanding non-profit.

Perry 200 was celebrated with EDS students and faculty in the Bicentennial Parade. In conjunction with the Port Dover, Canada Historical Museum

Safe Net, Emmaus Soup Kitchen and the Second Harvest Food Bank- Donations are continually made in support of necessary causes such as SafeNet, Emmaus Soup Kitchen and the Second Harvest Food Bank. Clothes, books, food and monetary donations are collected throughout the year.

Partnership Erie- Many teachers, students and our head of school participated in a pie throw event. Contributions were earned and donated to the Early Childhood Readiness initiative hosted through Partnership Erie.

Barber National Institute is host to many of our artist’s canvases during the annual art show. Fans of EDS artwork visit the Institute, donate to a worthy cause and purchase pieces featured by our artists.

Each year collections for the United States Armed Forces and the Wounded Warrior Project are supported with jeans days, hot chocolate sales and other engaging initiatives. School pride extends to our proud donations in support of our armed forces.