Thanks for all your efforts coordinating the Camp Fitch trip for Grades 3 and 4 students.  What a great and unique experience for these kids!  I was so impressed with this group of children - they are truly special little humans and it was inspiring to see how much they cared for each other, showed compassion, and supported each other through the challenges of camp.  I was also blown away by the teachers as a whole and their dedication.  I want to single out Connie Schreffler for her amazing commitment to the process and going above and beyond for the kids (especially those with more needs).  I work day in and our with many professional and take note when someone clearly excels at their job - Connie really does this and I was inspired to see her performance.  It make me proud to be an Erie Day School parent and happy to be involved in future events.

Casey Becker, M.D. - EDS Parent

“Mrs. Rogers prepared me more than anyone else for high school.  She's the best teacher I ever had and probably ever will.”

Joshua Bowser, '16 - EDS Alumni

"When I was pregnant, my husband brought up the subject of where our child would go to school. We wanted a school where our child would grow academically. I was scared to let go when Jillian entered the EDS Toddler Program, but Ms. Joanne made the transition seamless. The teachers in the Early Childhood Program are absolutely amazing! Each teacher has brought a beautiful gift to Jillian's experience at EDS. I love how the older children are encouraged to mentor the younger children. It feels like a family not just a school. Erie Day School is more than we could have ever imagined, not only is our daughter receiving an amazing education, she has been encouraged to become a vibrant individual."

Anita Seon - EDS Parent

"Moving to Erie was a challenging decision for my family. Uprooting ourselves from a home we had grown to love in West Virginia was going to be tough but the educational opportunities drove our decision. We wanted Ben to have access to a great education and after touring all available middle schools, Erie Day School was at the top of our list. Both Ben and I were so overwhelmed by the people at EDS that we did not want to end our tour. The children we met were engaging and bright and the staff truly cared about each and every student. Having EDS in our lives made our transition to Erie seamless and after only 2 years, Ben is a confident and inquisitive young man well prepared to succeed in life's future chapters."

Kathy Wyrosdick - EDS Past Parent

“EDS provided such a strong educational foundation for me. I developed lifelong habits during my years at EDS, such as organization; attention to grammar; love for reading, French, and art; love for learning in general; regular physical activity; etc. My class was small, and we had such a close working relationship with our teachers. I credit EDS for much of my success in life. More importantly, they were such happy days, and I always remember them fondly.”

Abhinav Goyal, ’88, MD, MHS, FACC, FAHA – EDS Alumni

“To watch a grandchild mature and grow in the nurturing environment of Erie Day School is truly one of the “priceless” things in life.”

Rick Griffith—EDS Grandparent

“As a relatively new Trustee, who joined the Board as a neighbor, I am finding that I really didn’t know the tremendous work that is being done at the Erie Day school for the students there. I am enormously impressed by the level of commitment of the staff and as well as the engagement of the parents on a daily level. Most schools cannot say that. I am also impressed by the diversity of the student population as well as the variety of programming that challenges their imaginations on what the world will hold. EDS students to have a tremendous advantage as they take a path exploring what the world can offer.”

Charles Scalise – Former EDS Board of Trustees Member

“Erie Day School is more than a private school. Erie Day School is a home to its students, teachers, and faculty. It is a place where education is not the only priority, but where fostering a student-teacher relationship is equally important. At Erie Day School, I have learned to love school. I am a Grade 8 student who is blessed to have found my home when I was in Grade 5.

Not a day goes by where I am not thankful for the decision I made to move to Erie Day School. It has changed everything for me.”

Harrison Romero, '17 - EDS Alumni

"There is a lot I like and appreciate about living in Erie, Pennsylvania.  However, our city is not bursting with multicultural pride. This became very evident when our son Saul, born in Guatemala, started at a local elementary school.  At the time, he was the only Latino in his very large class.  Although he was very social and happy, I was concerned that he was starting his education in a place that did not reflect who we are as a country and who we are as a family.  I was also surprised and saddened that we were not invited into his educational world in the public school setting and discouraged to be in the classroom.  Our son is creative and an “out of the box learner.” I felt that this was regarded more as a deficit as there was an expectation to memorize and regurgitate the information on the exams.  There were few opportunities to deepen their learning through different modalities.  The curriculum lacked creativity.

I felt a significant pull to drive immediately after the game to Erie Day School. I had admired it from afar and heard positive things.  It was truly grace that Dr. Tyler was at the school in my moment of despair. This meeting became a defining moment for us.  The school held everything I have always wanted for our children. Diversity.  Creativity.  Parental involvement.  Warmth.  Integrity.  Kindness.  Openness.  A representation of our global world.  History.  Depth.  Intimacy.  She greeted us with such warmth and I left feeling hopeful about our children’s future.

I am very clear that we would not have stayed in Erie if it were not for Erie Day School.  It truly is a beautiful representation of our global world. Our daughter Tizita, who is in Grade 1, was born in Ethiopia and shares her history and her ethnicity with pride. She interacts confidently with her peers as well as the older students. She, along with our son, is thriving in an environment that celebrates learning, creativity and diversity.They absolutely love school.  The teachers truly see them and the gifts they embody are nourished and celebrated. They are not alone.  And as a multicultural family I no longer feel alone."

Allison Parr-Plasha, M.S.S.A., L.S.W., C.P.C.C. - EDS Parent