Board of Trustees

The Erie Day School Board of Trustees governs the school in consultation with the Head of School. This includes the adoption of the annual budget, assuring the School’s financial health, striving to continually improve all programs and services offered by the school, and maintaining in the best possible condition of all real estate and physical equipment.

The Board of Trustees consists of not less than 15 nor more than 22 Trustees, plus such Ex-Officio Trustees, Trustees Emeriti, and Honorary Trustees as provided in the Erie Day School Bylaws. Not fewer than one-half of the Trustees are current parents. Trustees other than Honorary, Ex-officio, and Emeriti Trustees are elected for a term of three years.

Erie Day School 2016-17 Board of Trustees

Dawn Rooth Schultz, Esq., Chairman

Michele Polon, D.O., Vice Chair

Kelly Byers, CPA, Treasurer

Renee Lamis, Ph.D., Secretary

Bethany Szumigale, Parent Group President

Beth Burnside

Karen Coughlin

Amy Cuzzola Kern, Ph.D.

Andrea Diniaco

Richard Griffith

Mili Chiang Hanes

Jay Kang, M.D.

Kelly Kovacs

Stephen Kovacs, D.O.

Ruthann Lipman, D.O., ‘90

Sumner E. Nichols II, Esq.

Stephen Pelkowski

Charles Scalise

John Schultz III

Lisa Slomski

Karen Tyler, D.Ed. Head of School, Ex-Officio