Tuition and Financial Aid

Erie Day School has a tuition schedule for each level of education - early childhood, lower school, and middle school. We strive to make tuition affordable for families through a variety of ways, including sibling discounts, merit scholarships, or financial assistance, so that an Erie Day School education is affordable for everyone.

A $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of enrollment unless an application is submitted for financial assistance, in which case a non-refundable $300 deposit is required. This deposit is applied toward the tuition balance. Scholarships, sibling discounts, and financial assistance are available for families who qualify with students in Grades K - 8. Erie Day School also offers a variety of payment plans including monthly installments through SmartTuition. For more information, contact Savannah Grosch, Business Manager, at 814-452-4273 or

Please contact Sarah Williams, Director of Admissions & Enrollment, at 814-452-4273, Ext. 108, or for the Tuition Schedule for Toddler through Grade 8.

Sibling Discounts:

Sibling discounts are offered to families whose student(s) are not already receiving a merit scholarship or financial assistance.
Oldest student: Full cost of tuition
Second oldest student: Tuition minus 5%
Third oldest student: Tuition minus 10%

Financial Assistance:

Erie Day School funds much of its annual operating expenses with tuition dollars. This decision means that tuition controls, in large part, the quality of the education Erie Day School is able to offer. While recognizing that a financial commitment is appropriate for something as crucial as children’s education, the School acknowledges that financial assistance will be necessary to build and maintain the sort of student body we aspire to have. Central to our mission as a school is to have a diverse student body that reflects the community in which we live. It is our belief that a diverse community of learners provides our students with a more global perspective and enriches their lives by having exposure to a wide variety of socio-economic, religious, and racial groups.

To help families better afford an Erie Day School education, financial aid is available to those with students in Grades K-8 demonstrating financial need. Erie Day School uses the Parent’s Financial Statement form (PFS) from the School and the Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) forms. To determine your family’s eligibility, parents need to complete an application for financial assistance at: This is a NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) owned service that helps schools objectively determine a family’s ability to pay for school tuition and other educational expenses.

This need is based on information the family provides confidentially to the SSS tuition aid program. Awards are based on the complete financial profile provided by the family, not solely on income. All applications for financial assistance, and any resulting awards, are held in the strictest of confidence. Financial assistance at Erie Day School is generally presented in April for the upcoming school year.

How does one qualify?

It is important to understand that financial assistance is not charity, but rather a means to an end. In assessing a family’s ability to pay tuition, School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) evaluates each family’s complete financial record. Salary is only one component taken into consideration when making this determination. As the cost of independent school education has risen, so have the parameters by which SSS makes these determinations. A family should never be deterred from applying if they seek an independent school education for their child.

Where do the funds come from?

Erie Day School funds its financial assistance awards through a variety of programs. In past years, these programs have included the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC), school sponsored fundraising events and the generosity of friends of the School.

How many families receive financial assistance at Erie Day School?

Currently, more than 30% of the student body receives some form of financial aid. Last year, Erie Day School awarded more than $236,000 to eligible families.

Sponsored Scholarships

  • Christopher & Mary Ellen Sorce Scholarship
  • Donald S. and Dorothy R. Leslie Endowment
  • Erie Day School Adopt-a-Scholar Scholarship
  • The Susan E. Tidmore & David C. Migdal Memorial Scholarship