Educational Supports

In addition to the broad educational programs provided by the faculty at Erie Day School, several special programs are offered by other educational agencies to support students with learning differences. These services, known as Act 89, are offered at no cost to students and parents because funding is provided either from city, state, or federal agencies.

Act 89

Act 89 was enacted in 1975 to address equitable educational issues for nonpublic school students throughout Pennsylvania. This enactment ensures that the Intermediate Units in the Commonwealth provide, on an equal basis, auxiliary services to all pupils in the Commonwealth in both public and nonprofit nonpublic schools. As a result, Act 89 services are provided to Nonpublic students in Erie through the Office of Nonpublic Programs acting as Intermediate Unit #5. Erie Day School utilizes services as follows:

  • Remedial Reading Education Services are offered two to three times a week to students performing below grade level until their performance meets grade level standards.
  • Remedial Math Services Services are delivered one to two times a week to students performing below grade level until their performances meets grade level expectations.
  • Psychological Evaluation Psychologists test for a full range of learning and psycho-educational development issues if parents, do not wish to utilize a child’s home school district. They make recommendations for further assistance based on test results.
  • Speech and Hearing Therapy The classroom teachers, counselor, parent, nurse, etc. refer students who require assistance in speech and hearing. In addition, all students are screened in each grade level to determine if assistance in needed. The level of service provided is based on the results of tests conducted by a speech or hearing therapist.

Speech, Language and Physical Accommodations

Students encountering challenges with speech, language and other physical needs are presented with supports through the local Intermediate Unit. Mrs. Susan Lee services students in speech and language regularly at school. Occupational and physical therapy are arranged as needed.

Reading and Math Specialist Services

Erie Day School employs a number of classroom educators that have earned reading specialist certifications. Additionally, the Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit provides services for our students, including speech and language therapy, remedial or enriched reading and math, psychological testing, and in-service training. Other services for visually or hearing impaired students are available upon request. The direct services to pupils in our school require joint requests from parents, teachers, and administration. Paperwork and observations are completed, signed by the parents and teacher and sent to the IU office for review and scheduling. Parents are involved in all phases of the process to determine the need for services.

For more information about these or other services, please contact the school.