Parent Group

What is Parent Group?

Erie Day School's Parent Group supports the learning triangle for the well-rounded education of our children and the strengthening of our EDS family.  This group is comprised of every parent/guardian in the EDS community.

EDS Parent Group Bylaws


Bethany Torisky Szumigale, President 
Kelly Kovacs, Vice President 
Misty Chambers, Secretary
Alicia Pelkowski, Treasurer

Executive Committee:

Dr. Ann Bomberger

Kelly Bucci

Misty Chambers

Andrea Diniaco

Heather Havern

Dr. Mona Kang

Kelly Kovacs

Dr. Renee Lamis

Monica Madras-Barbero

Anita Patel

Alicia Pelkowski

Jennifer Person

Ainsley Showalter

Bethany Torisky Szumigale

Kristen Wilson

Parent Representatives:

Toddler/Mrs. Marsh, Mrs. Straker:  Angela Bowden, Noad Kebede, Anita Patel, Mary Smiecinski
Preschool/Mrs. R. Wunch:  Amanda Bogert, Karen Molli
PreK/Mrs. K. Novicki: Catherine Amick, Liz Gerber-Lewis
Kindergarten/Ms. T. Stewart:  Jennifer Person, Anita Seon, Karen Schulze

Grade 1/Ms. Lyons: Jennifer Edgerton, Heather Havern, Karissa Taylor
Grade 1/Mrs. C. McCalmont:  Megan Agrafiotis, Kate Philips, Kristen Wilson
Grade 2/Ms. M. Golba:  Kelly Bucci

Grade 2/Mrs. Sears: Tara Stonestreet, Marlo Torrelli
Grade 3/Ms. A. Giannelli: Dr. Mona Kang, Ainsley Showalter, Amy Szewczyk

Grade 4/Mrs. A. Tilves: Corry Miller, Jennifer Ng
Grade 5/Ms. S. Mkrtycheva:  Monica Madras-Barbero, Aman Oberoi
Grade 6/Mrs. A. Hartman:  Misty Chambers
Grade 7/Mr. K. Silakowski:  Sarah Brown-Millspaw, Sharon Warshaw, Amy Szewczyk
Grade 8/Mrs. G. Rogers:  Tania Bogatova, Dr. Renee Lamis, Kim Millette

Committee Chairs:

Amazon Smile: Bethany Torisky Szumigale

Artisan Fair & Music Festival: Heather Havern, Kelly Kovacs, Dr. Renee Lamas, Tara Stonestreet

Barnes & Noble: Misty Chambers

Coka-a-Cola Rewards:  Alicia Pelkowski, Jennifer Person

Funding Factory: Jennifer Person

Giant Eagle's Apples for Students:  Corry Miller, Jennifer Ng

Goodshop/Goodsearch:  Bethany Torisky Szumigale

Kellogg's:  Megan Agrafiotis

Shoparoo:  Amanda Bogert

"Stop Going Door to Door":  Bethany Torisky Szumigale

Suppers for Scholars:  Jennifer Person, Mary Smiecinski

Teacher Appreciation:  Beth Becker, Monica Madras-Barbero, Karissa Taylor

Tyson: Bethany Torisky Szumigale

Uniform Exchange:  Jennifer Person

Whale of a Sale: Andrea Diniaco, Tara Stonestreet

Meetings and Minutes

Parent Group meetings are generally held on the first Monday of each month at 8:30 a.m. in the Kern Dining Room, unless otherwise stated (check the EDS Happenings for date confirmation). These meetings are open to all parents/guardians, and your attendance is vital to the success of Parent Group.  Attending meetings will give you a clear picture of what is happening at Erie Day School, open opportunities for you to help make our school a better place, and encourage friendship and camaraderie among EDS families.  Dr. K. Tyler, EDS Head of School, attends the meetings as well.

September 12, 2016
October 3, 2016
November 7, 2016
December 5, 2016
January 9, 2017
February 6, 2017
March 13, 2017
April 10, 2017
May 1, 2017

Giving Guide

The Parent Group Giving Guide contains information about corporate donation programs. Participation in these programs is easy, and often, takes advantage of purchases you would normally be making and eliminates the need for additional fundraising selling efforts. Participation in these programs allows Parent Group an opportunity to raise funds for school activities that benefit our students and faculty.

Contact Us
If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, contact Bethany Torisky Szumigale, Parent Group President, at 814-790-3418 or parent

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