Mission and Philosophy

TRR 0295-295


Our mission at Erie Day School is to provide a student-centered, diverse, family-oriented environment where children are guided in strengthening their unique academic, artistic and athletic potential.  Our highly educated and engaged faculty encourage students to develop international-mindedness as they realize their roles as responsible citizens in a global community.

Erie Day School Philosophy

Erie Day School is a co-educational, independent school for children in Toddler through Grade 8, founded in 1929, and governed by a Board of Trustees. At Erie Day School, our approach to education is founded on a simple but all- important belief - children naturally like to learn. We call on our students to recognize their potential as individuals, yet expect them to acknowledge their membership in a community. Teachers use opportunities to teach tolerance, integrity, and social responsibility. At Erie Day School, we believe respect, manners and politeness are an integral part of education.

All programs planned, supervised, and guided by the school enable students to develop in an atmosphere that is both supportive and nurturing. Our goal is to stretch and challenge our students academically while having the flexibility to address individual needs. Students grow in terms of self-discipline, confidence, and knowledge through their involvement in academics, athletics, the visual and performing arts, and extracurricular activities. We seek diversity in our student body, for it is this diversity that enriches learning for all.

Frequent communication between home and school is encouraged as parents are viewed as partners in the learning process.