Student Safety

These procedures and guidelines have been established to insure the safety and well-being of our students

Emergency Safety Plan

Erie Day School has plans and procedures in place for severe weather, threats in school and on campus, as well as fire drills during the school year.


The official school policy insists that there be no running anywhere in school or on school grounds with the exception being in physical education classes.

Physical Contact

Under no circumstances should there be any physical contact between/among students that are not part of a supervised class activity or game.


Part of the responsibility of the faculty is to provide adequate supervision for our students outside of scheduled classes. Therefore, a teacher is present with students during recess, lunch, and dismissal until 3:25 p.m.

Safety Drills

Erie Day School takes special precautions to reduce the chances of fire or other emergencies. Student cooperation during safety drills with these precautions is both important and expected. Strong disciplinary action will be taken for the unauthorized use of fire alarms and extinguishers for students in Lower and Middle School. Safety drills, which are scheduled several times during the school year, are guided by city regulations and safety institutions. At the sound of the alarm, all students must walk quickly, silently, and in an orderly manner from the classroom and exit the building at the designated locations. Silence is maintained throughout the emergency drills so that students may be able to hear directions. Students return quietly to the building when signaled to do so.

Safe 2 Say Something

Each year, Erie Day School Middle School students are trained in this anonymous reporting system. This initiative, developed through The Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General, is designed to assist schools and law enforcement officials with receiving, assessing and responding to unsafe, harmful or dangerous activities. The program went live across the entire Commonwealth in January 2019, and is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Safety Partnership with Safe Kids Erie

  • anti-bullying
  • prescription medications
  • bike safety
  • healthy eating
  • animal bites

Additional reading can be found in the attached document, "Protecting Children from Bullying," by the United Nations General Assembly.