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Tales from the Head, June 2021

Dear Parents:

As we tie the ribbons on the diplomas for our graduates, I can't help but reflect upon all that we have endured, adapted to, comforted through and resiliently overcame during this academic year. Our school community experienced a year of adversity and found the strength and willingness to overcome many obstacles. Teachers taught the joys of poetry through Zoom, they sang songs and performed exercises encouraging our computer screen sitters to get up and move. Pivoting as needed and desired, our educators maintained socially distanced learning in the classroom, bringing literature and math into hands and hearts. The spectrum of our teachers grew wider this year and with that advanced our appreciation and respect.

Progress among our children and parents occurred as well. From morning health screenings to home/work/life/school adaptations despite worry and concern we aligned ourselves well with the "all in this together" lyrics. Although we were disconnected much of the year, we did much to maintain the links that binds us. I am in awe of the strength and our adaptability in our small number and I venture to write, the Erie community is as well. You left much to be admired this year. Thank you for your important role in sustaining an exceptional educational year.

Moving into the summer season, please take care to live adventurously and laugh readily. Our children need to remember - and for our toddlers, for the first time learn - the many lessons that occur within happy, carefree moments surrounded by family and friends. Speaking for all of us at Erie Day School, you sure have earned the upcoming months to play, dance, read and explore! Enjoy!

Yours in education,

Dr. Tyler