Message from the Head of School

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Erie Day School.  I invite you to explore our website and learn more about Erie Day School’s dynamic and inclusive community as well as our robust and challenging curriculum; rich with opportunities for experiential learning; our distinctive programs for visual and performing arts; our talented faculty; and service offerings.

Amid all of our outstanding opportunities for learning, the quality that truly distinguishes an Erie Day School education is our commitment to understanding our students—and the special and caring relationships among faculty and students that result.  Those relationships form the cornerstones of our superior academic preparation and make our educational experience so personally enriching.  They set Erie Day School apart as a leader in education.

Meaningfully knowing our students offers them a unique and competitive advantage, not just in preparation for high school, but for a lifetime of achievement.  We invest in discovering and understanding our students’ talents, interests and personalities by taking a personalized approach to academic programs; by engaging with students in every aspect of the school day; and through collaboration throughout the year among faculty to review each student’s progress and development. Consequence to our thoughtful approach, we are able to comprehensively connect our students to the learning opportunities best suited to challenge and inspire them; develop their character and stretch their abilities.

At Erie Day School, we create foundations of trust and connections that empower our students to step outside their comfort zones to achieve things they thought were not possible, while becoming confident and capable young leaders.  This is the Erie Day School advantage.  As an educational leader, teacher and a parent, I can think of no greater purpose or outcome. I enthusiastically invite you to visit Erie Day School’s campus and meet the students and faculty who fill our community every day with inquiry, integrity, friendship, and a commitment to learn today and lead tomorrow.

Yours in education,

Dr. Karen K. Tyler, Head of School