Faculty and Staff

Amy Parini

Educational Assistant for Toddler

Kristen Vandemerwe

Educational Assistant for Toddler

Shelli Pfister

Toddler Educator

Christina Walczak

Educational Assistant for Preschool

Julia Temple

Middle School STEM Coordinator, Middle School Science and Math Educator and Lego League Mentor

Herrera, Brisia

Middle School Spanish Educator

Lina Yahia

Middle School French Educator

Arlene Bowser

Educational Assistant for PreK

Shirani Straker

Preschool Educator

Connie Schreffler

Grade 4 Educator and Cross Country Coach

Letitia Sears

Spanish Educator

Abby Hartman

Middle School Science Educator

Karen Tyler, Ed. D.

Head of School

Risa Srnka

PreK Educator

Tricia Stewart

Kindergarten Educator

Allison Tilves

Grade 5 Educator, MS Cross Country Coach

Kevin Silakowski

Middle School Math Educator, Grade 6 Advisor, Math Counts Advisor and Athletic Director

Virginia Rogers

Middle School English Educator, Grade 8 Advisor and Student Council Chair

Cathy McCalmont

Grade 1 Educator

JoAnn Marsh

Toddler Educator

Cherie Lachowski

Performing Arts Instructor and EDS Playhouse Vocal Director

Mary Golba

Grade 2 Instructor, Piano Teacher and Cross Country Coach

Brian Gutowski

Middle School Humanities Educator, Technology Director and National Junior Honor Society Chapter President

Ann Giannelli

Grade 3 Educator, Lower School STEM Coordinator, Cross Country Coach and Ski Club Mentor

Melissa Gates

Lower School Science Educator

Amy Emmett

Visual Arts Instructor and Grade 7 Advisor

Amy Gallo

Physical Education Instructor and Cross Country Coach

Jody Donovan

Lower School Math Specialist

Celeste Bolles